Hello World it’s Launch Day! | Naples, Italy | Jenn Michelle Photography

   Today marks a huge mile stone in my life.. Launching a site has been something I have wanted for so    long. As in any career, I wanted to truly learn my craft first before tossing out work that would be.. mehhh mediocur. Since day one, when I first really started to pursue my passion for photography I was obsessed with learning it all. Starting with my camera, how to get this shot, how to capture emotion, and post processing. Overwhelming right?  That was how I felt, but I kept chugging along.

  Being in the Hampton Roads area, I truly had the most amazing photographers around. Completely willing to help each other and teach.. Yes, a Blessing! After free shoots, second shooting, learning, and learning. I felt ready to have my Facebook page, lol yup, social media first. I am the shy type so first I was testing the waters. he he ..

  Let us fast forward to now, well, I am living in Naples, Italy. We arrived 10 months ago, and time has flown by. Moving what I started across the world was scary but just what I needed. I still had all the amazing photog friends back in Va that are always there, just a message away. Moving gave me the chance to push myself harder then ever and take what I love another route. Not just meeting at the session, but meeting before and having an amazing Café while we chat about my clients vision. Clients then become friends, sessions are more fun, relaxed and we all know what to expect. This in my eyes is KEY! All along this is what I had dreamed of.

  As a mommy myself, new moms at newborn sessions know … I am patient, don’t stress. We are running on baby time. Rescheduling is something that happens, kids get sick, spouses get underway, my kiddos get sick (well usually my son is breaking some other bone at the skate park, but…). Boys will be Boys.

  This First Blog Post is Me, from the Heart.. Your session to me isn’t just another session, it is capturing what is truly inside of you… Thank you for taking the time to read, enjoy your day & I hope we meet soon… Gold-Arrow-transparent


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